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Your new home is provided with state-of-the-art potable water, wastewater, electric, natural gas, and high speed fiber optic internet services. As a “water sensitive community” Vander Ranch is leading the region in water reclamation and reuse ensuring sustainable water resources today and in the future.  Vander Ranch is also located within the highly ranked Greenwood Independent School District (GISD).

Midland Homes For Sale

Find the best Midland Homes for sale at Vander Ranch. Our master-planned community is one of the newest and most beautiful communities in the state. Vander Ranch has been designed by a top engineer in the Lone Star State, and there is plenty of beauty all around. The landscaping is exceptional, and the ambiance is tranquil. Vander Ranch features trails, paths, parks, and much, much more. Vander Ranch offers an amenity-rich escape from traditional neighborhoods that are often overcrowded, polluted, and rife with crime.

Contact Vander Ranch today if you would like to visit our community and check out our Midland Homes for Sale. Visit some of the best Midland real estate on the market or speak with a Vander Ranch representative to learn more about our community. You can contact us directly at 888-735-4485 or contact us online by clicking here.

Top 5 Benefits of Buying a Home in Vander Ranch

Our residents enjoy a better way of life. Please contact us to learn more about our community, and check out the top five benefits of owning one of our Midland homes for sale:

#1: Accessible Neighborhood

Anyone who has lived in an unplanned community already knows the headaches and dangers that exist. One of the reasons that Vander Ranch is so popular is that Texans want to live in a well-planned community that is easily accessible. Our engineers have designed everything to be spacious, beautiful, and to maximize the traffic flow.

#2: Amenity-Rich

At Vander Ranch, not only do we feature some of the very best Midland real estate, but there are plenty of amenities as well. Golf, swimming, tennis, and more are all here at Vander Ranch.

#3: High-Quality Environment

Peace of mind is highly sought after these days, and our residents are a bit spoiled in this regard. Our residents have peace of mind in many respects at Vander Ranch, the houses and the development has been constructed by the best hands in the business.

#4: Community

If you find yourself longing for the good old days - a time that seems anxient to us - and wishing communities were like they used to be, you'll love Vander Ranch. The community here is very welcoming and friendly, eager to help, and happy to see new people buy homes here.

#5: Parks and Surrounding Area

Green space is something that there is no shortage of here at Vander Ranch. There are plenty of parks and trails for people to walk, jog, and experience the peacefulness of nature. All of our green spaces are well-planned and well-maintained. 

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We have the best Midland Homes for sale here at Vander Ranch. Give us a call, contact us online, or stop by our office during normal business hours to meet with our management team. We are sure that you will find the perfect new home here.


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The combination of available land, an established and sought after school district, and proximity to downtown Midland makes Greenwood the perfect place for an affordable home to call your own.